Musty, Marc & Brix is an indie band from Walla Walla Washington (state) that defies categorization. Made up of two keyboardist/vocalists (Tammy & Michael,) guitars (Larry,) Bass (Thomas,) and drummer/percusionist (Fred) it is a different sound. The harmonies are terrific, the melodies catchy and the lyrics intelligent. 

Musty is a wine term describing the "musty", damp and stale aroma or flavor found in some wines. It is most commonly the result of Cork Taint and the chemical TCA. When this is the case, the musty aroma will overpower the senses and leave nothing left of the wine's original aromas.

Marc is the distillate made from pomace. Marc can also refer to the pomace itself or, in the Champagne region, to individual press fractions from the traditional vertical wine press.

Brix refers to the sugar content of grapes, must and wine, indicating the degree of the grapes' ripeness (meaning sugar level) at harvest. The higher the brix, the higher the sugar content. Tammy is at about 50 brix!